The Heart of Summer

Stay in the heart and heat of your experience. 

Then make a conscious choice to be a light.

~Ruth King~

So here we are.  Finding our way through a powerful time like no other.  How are you traveling these roads?  As I continue to say, I hope you and your loved ones are well and have what you need most right now. 

Like with so much in these last months, the feeling of this particular Summer is very different as plans and expectations have had to change.  Summer heat and the emotional energy fueling this season’s Fire element can create friction and resistance, effecting all layers of our being.  The energy it takes to resist “what is” distracts us from the joys we do have and is better used to savor all we can.  That simple shift of intention can help reduce overall stress and support the immune system, which is never more vital than right now.

Take a moment to observe any upset (resistance) within you.  What is that about and at what level?   Your experience of this pandemic and its rippling effects is intimate to you alone.  It is for you to explore, in your heart.  With continued COVID 19 retreat and quarantine protocols, we are offered a chance to explore a deeper layer within our bodies, minds and souls.  Assess the course you are on, adjust accordingly and keep moving forward.  In my own letting go of resisting the changes to my Summer experience, I am able to find great joy and peace in the simplest of things.  Maybe you too? 

Elemental wisdom

In Five Element acupuncture philosophy, Summer is the season of the Fire Element.  Fire relates to the heart and small intestine – anatomically, mentally and spiritually.  This season offers warmth, compassion, love and communication.  It encourages a deep connection within our hearts, but also in reaching out to others.  Our small intestine sorts out nourishment, allowing only the purest substances to be absorbed within us.  Other aspects of the Fire Element such as regulation of physical and emotional temperature are more active right now.  If you find yourself effected by the heat, bring it down by enjoying an evening breeze or use food as medicine with cooling foods like cucumbers, coconut or watermelon. 

Like a flame, Fire can be experienced on both high and low levels.  Your heart can be quietly warmed by an exquisite sunset or bursting with joy in the simplest connection with those you love.  Which form of the flame strengthens your heart’s Fire?   What is true for you right now?  When you acknowledge and allow that truth, notice your physical body and if there is more ease.  Then assess if that wisdom serves you or is there a deeper layer of resistance to move beyond for your growth and healing.

There are so many opportunities to share joy, kindness, love and compassion right now.  We are flesh and blood, heart and soul.  As Summer continues to unfold, allow for some unexpected gifts to be revealed.

Office note

I have been in a slow but steady process of returning to my office.  I am finding my rhythm with new safety procedures as I work to reschedule all those who had appointments canceled during the mandated quarantine time.  I am grateful for the opportunity to once again be able to serve and for everyone’s flexibility during this time. 

Wishing you and your loved ones a heartfelt Summer!   


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