Spring’s growth

“Every seed grows into exactly what shape or form it is meant to be.  The master plan of its creation is put into action with hundreds of detailed decisions and adjustment to what the weather brings.  Spring is an expression of hope and growth.”

Debra Kaatz

Characters of Wisdom:  Taoist tales of the acupuncture points

Hello from my space of quarantine and retreat.  I hope this finds you and your loved ones safe, feeling well and with whatever you need most right now.

My office remains closed since March 21st, following Governor Cuomo’s mandate.  It feels “right,” though not “good.”  You are likely feeling some sense of this discord in certain areas of your own life’s rhythms.  The things you need to do for safety’s sake feel right, but adjusting to the changes and the sense of loss for what was may not feel good.   Yet the power of Spring with its gifts of growth and renewal and nature’s shear determination to rise up and out is here!  And that energy is in each of us.  It just looks and feels different right now. 

The blossoms, birds, unfolding leaves and new life bursting everywhere is in stark contrast to the directives to stay in, stay home, lock down.  How we choose to follow those directives has more to do with our hearts, souls and minds than with the external world’s messages.  This time of global awareness and consciousness has the potential to change things for the better.  Even in the face of so much loss.  And that is where I take hope, where I choose to work within myself and ultimately for those I serve.

Many people I’ve spoken with have observed a sense of grieving as the days and weeks of this pandemic have progressed, which correlates to the impact this corona virus has on the lungs.  In acupuncture, the lungs relate to grief and a connection to the heavens.  In Ayurveda philosophy, emotions are held in the lungs.  So it is critical to be aware of the emotions you are experiencing and to use pranayama breathing to move that energy, keep your lungs as open and free as possible and to connect with Divine energy beyond you.  Celebrate whatever your breath capacity is right now and let the power of Spring’s renewal and growth circulate within you. 

Elemental Wisdom

In Five Element acupuncture philosophy, Spring is the season of the Wood element.  Wood corresponds to muscles and tendons of the body.  Emerging from hibernation, our bodies begin to move as we welcome new life.  Depending on your quarantine situation, your Spring experience may feel stunted – or more accessible.  Do you feel supple, flexible in your body/mind/spirit?  Maybe you notice tightness in your physical body, not feeling strong and balanced with so much change.  Spring’s energy is also observed in our emotions.  The intensity of nature’s activity, present within us, can be quite aggressive and may be experienced as some understandable crankiness or frustration.

The Wood element is all about movement, growth and flexibility.  You can foster this energy even while in quarantine.  There are many amazing new ways online to participate in (or learn!) yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, or pranayama.  Use Spring’s energy in your yard for a seasonal clean up, connecting with your muscles as you work and take special note of nature around you.  Or if you are able to go out further, a walk, jog, hike, bike ride to change your visual perspective and stimulate the life-force (the prana and qi) within you.  This is a season where one small energetic push encourages greater overall development.  


My work here doesn’t stop.  I continue to go deep with my own meditation and prayer practices, outdoor time, observations, acupuncture and Ayurveda study and time in my office preparing for when the work there can continue.  Until then, please reach out if I can support you in any way.

With peace and blessings to you ~


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