Challenging times we are in.  I hope this finds you, your family and loved ones well.  As I reflect on these last days and weeks, I have some observations.

This in-between season from Winter to Spring is being coupled with a transition in our world, our culture and our human-ness.  Very real concerns about very real things.  And there are so many layers to examine as the overall scope of this phenomenon unfolds.   Such a powerful time, however you choose to look at it.

Winter usually brings weather that keeps us unsettled and in preparation mode for the next big snowstorm.  This Winter, we did not have that here on Long Island.  Now, as nature begins an early shift to Spring, that sense of Winter seems to be circling back as a coronavirus calls us to be prepared for the unknown.   Mix that with the bubbling up of Spring’s elemental energy of fast moving growth and assertive/forceful emotions and, well, its a challenge to stay grounded and centered.   But with work and compassion, all things are possible.

Our call is to do whatever we can to be diligent with our Self care while being peaceful with that Self care.  To tend to our physical health by getting fresh air, engaging the body with activity that strengthens muscles and breath, eating good food, getting lots of water and rest.  And of course, lots of hand washing.  These are all really (really!) good things and will serve us way beyond this current “season.” 

Personally, I am taking time each day to sift through all the information received and distill it down to what is true for me.  Assessing how I can and should adjust my life and work.  To look where I can serve and add to healing and well being.  I am thankful for everyone who is doing the same, because that is how we all get through times like these together…and come out stronger. 

As I write this, I am thoughtfully and prayerfully being led to continue to serve in my office.  Each day I will assess if that remains true for me and make adjustments accordingly.   If I can support you in any way, please reach out.  

With peace~


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